Community Guidelines

My Skill Shaala is an hybrid learning community for students of Class 1 to 10 to build important skills for life with an activity based and democratic learning approach. We have lots of skills, activities, challenges, stories, workshops, DIY tutorials and Activity Kits for you in this community. It’s all fun and we need to help your make it a place where you and your friends feel safe, excited and inspired to learn something new everyday.
When you sign-up on you agree to honor the following community guidelines:

1. Be Creative, Try out new things, Focus on Learning

Let’s try to learn and create something new everyday. Never fear to try new things, show your creative genius. Never say I can’t. Share what you complete no matter how good or bad it seems to you. Respect feedback and try to learn more. Focus on building skills, learning new things and not on popularity.

2. Be Original, Make it yourself

My Skill Shaala is not a competition. No one wins or looses here. Try completing all challenges yourself, seek help from friends or parents but don’t let them complete your challenges. Also remember No Copying. Submitting what other have uploaded or uploading screenshots of activities from videos or from internet is not cool!! Sometimes if you would like to share something from internet or what your friends have done ask for permission, give credits in comments.

3. Respect Everyone

The awesome thing about growing up and becoming ready for life is, we understand that no one is bad at anything, everyone is learning. Respect and encourage everyone to do better specially the younger MySkillShaala members. Learn to respect everyone and communicate politely. Slang language, cuss words, or improper emoji don’t reflect the goodness in you. Be patient, Respect Everyone.
Teens, look for friends not for crush!

4. Be Safe

keep personal stuffs secret. Never write your full name, mobile number, address or email ID in comments or submission. And respect other’s privacy, never ask for any personal information. Use your Auto generated name to communicate.

5. Post Appropriate Content

My Skill Shaala is for students of Class 1 to 10. So any mature content like but not limited to drugs, alcohol, explicit content, sensitive or self-harm related content, violent images or weapons, shocking events and more is not permitted. Make sure you do not submit any such things. If you find something report to the moderators.
We are sure you’ld respect community guidelines. In case of violation following steps shall be taken:
1. Post Removal and Written Warning
2. Temporary account suspension
3. Permanent account suspension
We respect students who abide to community guidelines. Those who don’t we reserve a right to take necessary actions.