How to Master Life Skills using Gamification

Gamification: The term is used to describe motivation and engagement in students using gaming elements in education.

There are many ways in which game design and technology have been implemented into the classroom. From card games to board games, and even video games, studying is more fun when the environment is adapted to the way we learn best.

Life Skills with Gamification

Firstly, let’s understand what Gamification is. 

Gamification is a process of adding games like mechanics or game design elements to other non-game environments in order to make them more playful and engaging.

Game mechanics applied to non-games usually involves elements of levels, points, rules, rewards, the use of strategies, interaction with the environment, user-generated content etc.  

Understanding how can Gamification be used in everyday life? 

Gamification is a recent concept in which a system is designed in such a way that it fulfills the same function as a game. Thus, it is used as a tool to drive behaviour. The idea is derived from the psychological concept of rewards, which is a positive reinforcer of certain behaviour. The rewards can be actual or virtual, but the purpose is to keep people excited and motivated towards a particular activity. 

“Games are the New Normal”

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MySkillshaala’s approach to Gamification. 

In education, gamification can be used to make learning more fun and engaging, and to help students learn more effectively. 

There are many different ways to gamify learning. One common approach is to use points, badges, and leaderboards to encourage students to complete tasks and master concepts.  


What makes MySkillShaala’s approach so special?

It’s about the concept of awarding points or badges for completing an activity. Hence sowing the seeds of learning with fun and rewards among friends. Gamification can be used in almost every area of our life, from finding a job to exercising to working at a job to even making our relationships function better.  

Gamification can be a powerful tool for making learning more engaging and effective. When used thoughtfully, gamification can be a fun and powerful way to learn. 

How to get started with MySkillShaala? 

MySkillShaala is an easy and fun way to learn skills, skills for all ages. We at MySkillShaala have worked to make our portal with engaging skills activities which rewards you with XPs (i.e., Experience points). These show how many skills children are developing and keep track of them. We motivate learners to learn different kinds of skills to get them glimpses of different skill-sets. Also they gain coins with Activity of the day and levels which can be used to do many things on portal.

Learners can see the submissions by other learners and get inspired to try out different skills and activities, basically getting them life-ready.

Let’s Conclude

We hope that this blog post about gamification learning has piqued your interest. We are passionate about education, and we hope that you too can find some ways to use gamification to bring your own students more fully into the learning process. If you have any additional questions about gamification, please contact us at @kinjal . We would be happy to help you any way that we can!

Learn on the go, at your convenience with MySkillShaala. To know more log in to and follow us on our social media handles. Drop a comment if you enjoyed any game that taught you something you always wanted to learn.

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