Play Make Learn Grow – Making Kids life long learners

Play Make Learn Grow, Growing while learning these skills makes a child a problem solver, enhance motor skills, helps in brainstorming and thus making him/her ready for life.

As parents, when we have a newborn in our hands, we want them to grow freely, and also want to give them the best education possible. But as the school enrollment comes in handy, we tend to start comparing our children with what they have learned and what milestones they have achieved, we put them in a box to fit in.

Irrespective of how many times we have learnt to let the children learn at their own pace, we create pressure on ourselves, it could be peers or family or friends. The schools now have a different approach and that’s great, but the number of children in a class and not every child can learn at the same pace, makes the whole dynamic very different.

As a mother of two that became my concern, and having two children changed me as a mother. My children learn at a different pace but also are totally interested in different fields of learning. My focus is now on their self-learning and basic skills. The skills that make sure of their overall development in a way making them ready for life.

Free play is basic for a child, playing has numerous benefits and we can not describe enough the development it brings to all the senses of a child. In the same way, self-learning is something I weigh as important as above. Online education as much as we like or not has become a part of our lives in this pandemic and children are exposed to what we have restricted for a long time, technology. The only way to get them to self-learn is to make it interesting for them. Traditional methods of learning are no more helping children to focus in online classes.

We need to make it more engaging and also more like a game or a fun competitive learn. So it could be more like a play and learning.

We shall have to accept the future of education by finding a perfect balance of online and offline learning. The one thing that misses in this whole scenario is Making skills. We have multiple options of kits available in the market for different age groups which makes us indulge in Do It Yourself. These DIY kits are an excellent way to have Maker Skills imbibed in children. It’s as good as learning with playing as with Making.

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Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

Play Make Learn Grow, Growing while learning these skills makes a child a problem solver, enhances motor skills, helps in brainstorming, and thus makes him/her ready for life.

MySkillShaala has a gamified approach to learning which will make children learn in playing spirit. Healthy competition is a great way to push children to create interest and make them achievers.

I found activities on MySkillShaala has a balancing approach in its questions, interaction, stories, and much more.

As the Jingle suggests, Play, Make, Learn and GROW. All the activities on MySkillShaala that are classified into three major categories of skills, will help children Grow in a most sustainable and self-sufficient manner. We look forward to seeing kids enjoy on MySkillShaala with these fun learning activities and Getting ready for life.