Top 5 FREE Online Learning Platforms for Students

Top 5 FREE platforms that kids can use to learn are following. We shall take you through details of what your kids can learn on each platform and why did we select them.

Post pandemic the Ed-tech has suddenly raised its level. With Online Classes, Zoom Sessions and Learning Apps all around it has been a big challenge for parents to find out which ones are some really good ones.

Not any app, course or platform is bad or useless as every technology that is built is there to solve a need. Every small or big individual or organization is really putting in efforts to fix the broken education. But here we have made an attempt to list down some of the most useful apps, platforms or programs that can help you kids.

We shall take you through details of what your kids can learn on each platform and why did we select them.

Every kid today wants to learn #coding, and why shouldn’t they? Coding is one important future skill that would be one of the most important skill for your kids. If not becoming a fabulous coder or founder of an amazing app, your kids will at least learn problem solving and sequential thinking. (Important Life-Skills) is Free online platform which most online coding apps or courses use. With kids can learn coding animations, games, mobile apps and much more.

It’s fun and interactive.


When it comes to academics, there is no other competition to KhanAcadamy. It is a non-profit with a mission to provide education for FREE. It covers maths, science, computers, humanities for Class 1 to 12.


Stories are always a great source for inspiration and learnings for kids. Kathakids has hundreds of Folktales and Mythological stories that can help kids not only improve their reading skills but learn a lot from the morals of these stories.

Kathakids also offers you to buy books and an app that you can subscribe for additional features.


Not to brag about, But one of the most awesome thing that your kids can use for their learning is MySkillShaala. It is in a way a combination of all the above apps. Coding, Academics, Stories, Workshops and Life Skills it tries to cover it all for your kids.

MySkillShaala is an awesome online community where students can complete daily small activities and build important skills for life. It offers a gamified learning experience for students of Class 1 to 10. All activities, stories and workshops are age aligned and best of all it’s FREE. It also offers paid LIVE workshops, DIY Activity Kits and premium app features for interested.

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