Unique Ideas to celebrate kids birthday!

A child’s birthday is significant milestone, and we all want to make it memorable for the little one, by adding some uniqueness and some meaning to their celebration. Here are some fun birthday ideas that you can keep on hand so each year their special day is never forgotten!

1) For the silent ones 

If your child is not much of a party person, you can plan a nice day for your child. Starting with his/her bathroom mirror message. Wishing happy birthday to different places where he/she visits in the morning. A room full of balloons and everywhere there could be a sticky note wishing or having a birthday message for him or her. 

Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals.”

2) Make him/her feel special 

After the pandemic we realized that birthdays cannot always be done in fancy way, but you can make them feel special. So here is an idea for you for the birthday morning. You can create a corner for your child where a lot of gifts and his/her favorite things are placed. With his/ her fav food items, chocolates, toys, cute card or make a bunch of all these gifts and place it in one corner of the house and wake him/her to this sight.

“Happy child happy home.”

3) Celebrate with homeless children 

Every birthday should be a day full of gratitude. One way to do it is when we share what we have with someone who doesn’t have it. It will be a superb idea to take your child out with a lot of chocolates or food items and go on a drive to distribute it with children who are homeless. This will also give them the happiness of sharing and teaching them kindness. A heart full of gratitude for what they have in their life it is a foolproof beautiful idea to celebrate birthday and sharing what you can with people who doesn’t have it. 

4) Plantation birthday 

We have heard so many stories where people have created a whole forest out of a barren land. It will be an amazing idea in this era of global warming to teach your child importance of growing plants or trees. So, you can create a whole birthday theme with plantations of trees.

You can create a picnic birthday with plantation take your child and her friends along. It is an inexpensive birthday idea with a lot of fun in outdoor setup. Also a lot of learning. List a few ideas for outdoor games. You can also give them a tag or where it was planted and by whom it was planted so they can visit every year to see how their plant has grown.  

5) Photoshoot Birthday 

This is a very unique way of celebrating child’s birthday. It’s a great idea while we have all the routine pictures in our phone. It will be an ideal plan or shoot outdoor or indoor with some props. Create few pictures which will stay with the child forever as a birthday memory and will also be a great idea to keep it on the wall forever. 

6) D.I.Y Birthday 

Return gift is such a problem!! While we want to give something sensible but right price will always be a problem. DIY birthday will be a great idea if you think your child is at that age where they like to create art and craft. There are many DIY kits available like You can buy them that create a setup of tables with a number of children that are planned for the birthday list and you can buy that many DIY kits and setup instructions that are given.

Also if you are great at managing kids try some hands-on activity from MySkillShaala. Host a party with a fun and easy learning. Check out the activities like fun with science or art, craft and much more. Check it here It’s an ideal way to celebrate and they’re also easy on pockets that’s what we look for as parents isn’t it? I think its a WIN WIN!

Let’s Conclude

If you’re looking for fun birthday ideas, we hope this list has helped you out. From birthday presents to birthday party ideas, we’re always excited to share our research with you. If you’re looking for more information on children learning life skills and engaging in hands-on activities try Write us with your questions if any, we’d love to help you out!

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