Why Art and Craft are not just a side Hobby

If you have ever tried to do any of the art and craft as a hobby, then you would have know that it is a tough job. Most of the people think that art and craft are only for the beginners or for the kids.

Art and Craft Perception

We see that the professionals and the artists are not interested in the craft and art. It is not the case always and we can see that some of the artists and the pros are doing very well in the craft and in the art. Many of the people think that art and craft are not a very serious job. They think that the people who do art and craft are not serious about their career and about the money. The truth is that the people who want to make a decent career and the money from the art and craft should be serious.

Art and Craft is more than a hobby

Academics vs Skills

While academics has no question how beneficial it is to a child. Art and craft is often considered as a kind of activity that is hobby for children but the interesting part is it has more to it. The skills that develops with art and craft will help children for life it could be basic skills or life enhancing skills which will make them equipped to do more in their chosen fields.

If a decade ago if I told you that you can make a successful career out of art or craft you would definitely laugh out loud. But today thankfully it is possible. A child who might be stopped for doing what he/she loves can bring them a mediocre life. But if they are allowed to explore, they may enjoy themselves and make something great out of it.  

Its time to dig into what does art and crafts bring to the development of a child.  


Creativity is a no brainer, children become creative as they explore art and their brain develops also, they are encouraged to believe in their own self and that creative energy will get into their adulthood too. Also, it will give clarity to develop their character and a very clear vision of what they like or dislike. 


So, art and craft are something that shows children’s creativity and because of that they are encouraged to create something by themselves. Inventiveness comes as a result of creation, and that will help children in many areas of life. Like from solving problems to thinking and creating something new when needed. 

Different Skills a child learns with Art & Craft

Motor and coordination skills 

From holding a paintbrush to using a pair of scissors from pencil to stencil, all are essential for growth of a child. These motor and fine coordination skills in children especially when started from a younger age help them from their day-to-day life activities. Also to support in creating something when needed. 

Academic skills 

Learning art and craft for children form a new set of skills that will help them improve their academic skills too, Art can have an amazing effect on understanding the concepts and calculations to writing a story using the vocab reading skills and a lot more 

Language Skills 

When children create something, they express themselves by showing what they create. In that they develop their speaking skills, learns how to express. Also along with it understand different colors, shapes, sounds and more. They also are learning how to share their feelings and views on things. 

“When a concept is not clear in its written form, the visual form can help the student to understand it”

Decision Making 

We can’t disagree on how important a decisions making skill is for life. When you expose children with art and craft they develop decision-making. Even if they are these small decisions like choosing a right color or what materials or tools to create a particular art. They want to create, these little problems help develop thinking skills along with decision making skills. 

Art and craft inspires a child. It develops their personality in a wholesome way. Create something beautiful they work on their character and put on their creativity and express themselves to the world in a different and beautiful way. 

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

– Edward Hopper

Let’s Conclude

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