You’re Educated by Head!

You’re Educated by Head!

You are good at academic skills or might have performed well in different subjects. You usually can perform well in work that requires reading, researching, or critical thinking. You’re amazing with data or numbers but might lack interest in creating or getting your hands dirty on what you have learned.

Mahatma Gandhi once told, that we should be educated by the head, heart, and hands.

Our current education system only encourages the education of the Head, that is academic skills. Other areas like Maker Skill (Hands) or Soft Skills (Heart) are never explored. It’s time we take back our education the way it should be. No matter if you’re a school-going student or an adult, we all are learners and we all love learning if approached with the correct method and attitude.

It’s time you start building skills like Creativity, Making, and Soft Skills. Get started with fun DIY activities on MySkillShaala. It’s fun, free, and democratic. You can learn any skill, any time, from anywhere. Let’s Get started.

What’s stopping you, go ahead now as we have some interesting hands on activities releasing next week.