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Become a School Partner

We are open to partner with schools that believe in the importance of life skill education. We provide special life-skill curriculum, NCERT aligned activities, skill mapped asessment and student level reporting to schools.

Guides and Facilitator

Our team is always prepared to give students, schools and parents an awesome experience at myskillshaala

Dhruv Ramaiya

Maker Skills and Soft Skills

Nikita Batra

Applied Acadamics

Avani Thacker

Stories and Early Learners

Something for Every Age-group!

6 to 8 Years

  • Learn from interesting stories
  • Skills like Craft, Origami, Math, Growth Mindset etc
  • Moderator Feedback,
    Camps and Meetups
  • 50 Free Coins to start
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9 to 11 Years

  • Start Learning independently
  • Skills like Coding, Rubik's Cube, Communication, Science, Machines etc
  • Moderator Feedback, Meetups and LIVE Workshops
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12 to 15 years

  • Advance DIY activities
  • Skills like Electronics, Design Thinking, Finances, Politics etc
  • Moderator Feedback, Meetups and LIVE Workshops
  • 50 Free Coins to start
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no time limit for the FREE access. You can access it for free forever, until you're learning new skills and submitting the challenges. We use coins to unlock new activities and you earn more coins when earn new badges and reach new level. If you're out of coin and need more you can recharge it with nominal cost.

  • Most of the activities use frugal materials easily available at your home. In case some materials are not available we suggest alternate options for them. If may also purchase the materials and kits from our community store.

  • Students can watch various DIY tutorials and complete hands-on activities. They submit their photo and videos which are verified by our moderators who give them feedbacks on their work. We make sure my skill shaala is the safest, kindest and most active community.

  • To take students in depth of topics they might be interested in, we organise different online or ofline workshops where our facilitators support students to learn new things and complete DIY activities. Workshops are accompnied with kits and students can join workshops using available coins.

  • Life Skills are the need of an hour and life skill education is most needed now abiding to policy changes in India. We offer acivity based life skill curriculum, Skill based assessments and student level reporting to schools who use My Skill Shaala for their students. Schools can opt in to become a partner school by reaching out to our team.