Our Story


We are happy you are here. We are a small team of enthusiastic youth willing to make the world more joyful and colourful. And we believe play, arts & crafts, and hobbies are the best way to achieve the vision.

Our Vision is to help people explore their creative potential with fun and engaging experiences.

How did we start the store?

We were never looking at becoming the solution provider for 20,000+ happy customers whose daily craft and hobby supply needs are fulfilled by us. We started as an Educational Social Enterprise to build a community of learners who together learn new skills and build new hobbies. In the process of building the MySkillShaala Community platform, we faced a challenge where people lacked access to crafts and activity supplies. Parents, Kids, and hobbyists had to roam around from shop to shop to find the correct resources. This is where we felt the need to start VibhutiCrafts – a home grown Indian brand providing a single stop solution to all crafts and hobby essentials.

What are our goals now?

Today we have grown to a brand with our products reaching houses of people of 30+ states across 3 countries.

Now we envision achieving the following goals:

  • Reach 10,00,000 plus people become more happy, joyful and creative with MySkillShaala community.
  • Develop a robust distribution to ensure all hobby essentials are easily available and delivered at your doorsteps.
  • Encourage local manufacturing in India and reduce dependency on Chinese goods when it comes to hobby supplies.

How can you join the movement to make everyone creative with hobbies?

Any product that you buy from this store not only helps us in achieving our vision but also provides us resources to run our community programs for FREE for 10K+ learners.

Curious to know more about what drives us.

At MySkillShaala, we believe that everyone possesses a wellspring of untapped creativity, just waiting to be discovered. Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages to explore their creative potential through fun and engaging activities. We understand that hobbies play a vital role in personal growth, whether you're a child or a grown-up. They nurture essential life skills that go beyond what traditional schooling can offer, while also serving as a much-needed escape from the pressures of daily life.


In this fast-paced world driven by technology and artificial intelligence, cultivating creativity and honing soft skills has never been more important. Our passion lies in making hobbies not just enjoyable but also a mainstream part of our lives. We strive to provide you with an array of resources, including our DIY kits, community platform, and immersive experiences like boot camps and workshops. With these tools at your disposal, we're here to transform your hobby journey into an adventure brimming with excitement and boundless possibilities.


Over the past three years, we have dedicated ourselves to collaborating with children, students, educational organizations, and even governmental bodies to develop unique methodologies, exceptional products, and an inclusive community platform. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has allowed us to create a space where imagination runs wild, bonds are forged, and skills are cultivated.


So, whether you're a budding artist yearning to express yourself on canvas, a future engineer eager to build innovative projects, or simply someone seeking a break from the routine, MySkillShaala is here to accompany you on this enriching journey. Our store is a treasure trove of inspiration, waiting to ignite your passion and unleash the creative genius within.


Join our vibrant community, where like-minded individuals
come together to learn, share, and grow. Unleash your potential, nurture your talents, and discover the sheer joy of pursuing a hobby.
At MySkillShaala, we are firm believers that a life lived with passion and creativity is a life well-lived.

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